Dekalb County

DEKALB County, Ga. (CBS46) -- If you’re bleeding on the side of the road somewhere in DeKalb County, you will likely be wanting to know how fast an ambulance can get to you.

Fresh answers revealed on Wednesday a partnership most taxpayers might take for granted; a partnership that should hasten those welcome public safety workers in Brookhaven and DeKalb County.

For years, DeKalb County leadership has been stung by complaints the ambulance contractor, American Medical Response, isn’t living up to the contract for quick responses.

Dunwoody, Brookhaven Doraville, Chamblee; all towns in north DeKalb were especially concerned about slow ambulance times.

AMR said bad traffic and slow action at hospitals hampered crew speeds.

DeKalb’s response included fines and warnings of a cancelled contract, but nothing seems to have helped like the city of Brookhaven’s offer.

The city bought an old QuikTrip, at Buford Highway and North Cliff Valley Way. They took out the fast food and soft drinks and geared it as an ambulance hub.

Now it’s rented to the county, the fines AMR paid are helping fund the change, and soon more ambulance shifts and more service hours from AMR should make a difference.

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